CoManaged IT services can be defined as a service model that blends internal IT resources with a 3rd party IT provider.  From there, the actual arrangement is customized to the specific needs of the client.  Typically, the 3rd party provider picks up responsibility for specific items or services such as maintaining servers and infrastructure, managing O365 and/or other cloud services, providing escalated support to internal IT or providing security services.  Some arrangements may include all the items above, and some may only include one or two.

For a growing business, CoManaged IT can be an effective approach to handling your internal technology needs.  There are many advantages.  A few of them are:

  • You’re able to keep your current IT employees in place.
  • You drastically “skill up” your IT department by tapping into a more experienced team.
  • It is an overall cheaper solution than hiring additional highly experienced IT employees.
  • The breadth of knowledge that the 3rd party provider brings to the table.
  • Freeing up internal IT to focus on more impactful tasks and services.

When properly setup, the relationship between the internal IT folks and the 3rd party provider becomes extremely effective.  The internal folks rely on the provider AND the provider relies on the internal team.  If a company is large enough for a comanaged arrangement, it is probably too big for a completely outsourced model.  With this in mind, it’s easy to get past any notion that the service provider is there to take the job from the internal team.

Finally, by having a working relationship with a service provider, you are covered should an internal IT resource decide to leave.  The provider can cover IT issues while a replacement is found.  In fact, they can assist in the hiring process where the hiring manager is not familiar with IT job skills.  Remember its just as important to the provider that a high quality replacement is found as it is for the client.

Atlantic Computer Services is a Wilmington, NC based MSP who specializes in CoManaged IT services.  Let us be a resource for you and your internal team to manage your IT needs efficiently and effectively.  For a no obligation discovery call or meeting, please reach out to us.  910-799-6538 or

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