CoManaged IT services can be a huge game changer for an internal IT department.  In many cases, there are only 1 or 2 individuals who are tasked with keeping up with the technology of a growing business.  Many IT managers find that their time is taken by routine tasks that, while important, do not lead to overall technology improvements for the company.  What if more of your time could be dedicated to proactive tasks that drive improvement?  That’s where COManaged IT comes into play.  A 3rd party IT provider can come onboard and assist you and your team with many tasks.  An extremely important thing to note is that the 3rd party provider will always work along side of you and your team.  It is truly a partnership that depends on each other to be successful.  An experienced IT provider knows that a successful relationship depends on effective internal IT resources.  The goal of the 3rd party provider is not to push the client to outsource their entire IT department.  The goal is to support you and your team to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Sometimes the company is growing at a pace that pushes you and your team beyond your skill set.  That’s another advantage of a CoManaged agreement.  You immediately have a resource that can implement new technology that you may not have been exposed to.  There are many other advantages to a CoManaged IT relationship.  A few of them are:

  • The IT provider has access to a tool stack that they can immediately deploy. Those tools typically include ticketing, documentation, updating and monitoring tools, security tools, disaster recovery, cloud services and asset management tools to name a few.
  • You have a resource to assist you with escalations that you are not able to resolve.
  • The provider is able to assist you with strategy to determine the best solution for your info tech needs.
  • The additional resources give you the time to do things the right way. Documentation, for example, is often neglected because there just isn’t enough time.
  • The ability for you and your team to learn new skills.

Atlantic Computer Services is a Wilmington, NC based MSP who specializes in CoManaged IT services.  Let us be a resource for you and your internal team to manage your IT needs efficiently and effectively.  For a no obligation discovery call or meeting, please reach out to us.  910-799-6538 or

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