IT Services Explained

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider (MSP) like Atlantic Computer Services of Wilmington, NC is a 3rd party technology service company that manages a customer’s information technology.

Typically, an MSP manages servers, workstations, network infrastructure, cyber security, cloud computing, and disaster recovery.

Additionally, MSPs typically provide end-user helpdesk support.  To properly deliver their services, MSPs use a variety of software applications from patch & update management, to cyber security tools, to backup and disaster recovery applications.  An advantage of working with us as your MSP is that you don’t have to worry about or manage the multitude of applications needed to properly support a business.

MSPs service all business types like healthcare, manufacturing, legal, financial, nonprofit, and government. Since 1996, Atlantic Computer Services has been solving technology issues for companies of all kinds and sizes. We understand there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to IT. We work with your company on a strategic technology plan, created specifically for you. ACS  also works with larger organizations providing co-managed IT solutions.

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What is Co-Managed IT?

Co-managed IT is an IT service model that allows companies to blend their in-house IT team with the expertise of a 3rd party IT provider like ACS.  These IT service packages are highly customized depending on the needs of the company.  It is a true partnership between internal IT and an external IT provider.

An example may be that in-house IT focuses on end-user helpdesk support while the MSP manages the network infrastructure.  Co-managed IT relationships are particularly beneficial when the company is growing quickly and outpacing the capabilities of the internal team.

ACS can step in to help boost your IT department to ensure your business stays protected. Whether you need experts to implement new cyber security measures or someone to take on the time-consuming day-to-day maintenance, we are here to help. Book a 10-minute Discovery Call to learn more about co-managed IT services with ACS.

Transitioning to a New IT Provider is Easier than You Think

The process of transitioning to a new IT provider can be daunting. The fear of switching providers is a major reason many businesses hesitate to replace ineffective support.  As companies grow beyond their current IT provider’s capabilities, it’s important to better understand how a transition would take place.  While it is possible a current provider could make the transition difficult, it rarely is the case.  ACS has seen only one or two client transitions that have been difficult. We have established relationships with other IT providers in this area for their cooperation when clients decide to move on.

To ensure an easy transition, you should know your important network and domain passwords.  If you know the critical passwords, the transition can be pushed through even without the current provider’s cooperation.  The main passwords you need to know are domain admin password, router/firewall administrator password, switch administrator passwords, web domain admin credentials, and O365 tenant administrator credentials.  (Some of these passwords may not be applicable to your business.)

Any credible provider would be happy to provide you with this information.  If you are concerned about asking, creating a disaster recovery plan which contains this info is a legitimate request any responsible business would make to their IT provider.  Using this approach when making your request for credentials can take the stress off of you.

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Getting started with Managed IT Services from ACS is Simple

ACS offers worry-free IT solutions while providing the most advanced ways to keep your company safe and secure. Book a 10-minute discovery call to find out how Managed IT Services with ACS can add IT support, expertise, and guidance to your growing company. We’ll help you put the problems and hassle of managing your company’s technology behind you so you can focus on what you do best.

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