I Get To Work On My Business Not In My Business

Since using ACS, we have taken the IT environment from a stormy one, to a bright, clear and sunny one. ACS has taken the IT concerns off the forefront of my mind, which allows me to focus on more productive tasks.

ACS can not only do “geek speak” but they are also people, that my folks can relate to. When they talk to my less technical people, they don’t talk down to them, or make them feel technically inferior. 

If you want a partner that will listen to your concerns and give you a wide array of choices, with the pluses and minuses of each, pick ACS.

James Wind Chief Financial Officer
Flow Sciences, Inc.

They Make Themselves Available Almost Immediately

The expertise ACS provides us on our server farm, network engineering needs and cloud based email server allows us to focus on the things that make us money. We do not have the expense of a full time Director of IT.
We have a long track record with ACS and they have always reacted to our needs in a timely manner. When we have routine issues, they are addressed in an acceptable amount of time. When we have urgent issues, they make themselves available almost immediately.

Jim Seidel Chief Executive Officer
Tri-tech Forensics

The Response Times Are Second To None

The biggest single benefit has been the response times. ACS has a system to where we email the help desk with an issue and typically get a very quick response. I find them to be very well organized.
The staff focuses on communication. They are willing to talk in layman terms and do not hide important information.
The list of references ACS was able to provide when we were evaluating IT providers was a major factor in our decision making process.

Carl Busian President
American Fire Technologies

ACS Is Very Responsive To Any New Requests

If ACS can handle recreating the wheel for our company, they can probably handle just about anything. Our previous network was held together with duct tape and coat hangers. Now we collaborate on ideas to ensure that we are as current on technology as we can be.

ACS was in the trenches with us with designing our network back bone, wiring our new office, remotely designing our Wi-Fi network for our out of state warehouses, etc. and it has all gone very smoothly. They can also talk to you on “your level” instead of talking above your head if you are not an IT guru. When we encounter an issue, we know that the staff at ACS will handle it promptly, accurately, and professionally.

Nicole Grindstaff Vice President
South Atlantic Services, Inc.

Having Experts At Our Fingertips To Troubleshoot Any Issues

Being a small nonprofit without an IT department, we have come to rely on ACS for all of our technical needs.

 You will get great service and technicians that know their stuff.

Jane Birnbach Senior Development Director
Good Shepherd Center

Companies Can Focus On Their Core Business

We do not have the budget or need for a full time IT person, that is where ACS comes in.

We can utilize their services and keep our people focused on their jobs- from server concerns, security questions, protection, and the buying of computers and other hardware. We depend on ACS.

Brett Tanner President
Pinnacle Trailers, Inc.

ACS Is Reliable, Honest, And Good At What They Do

The staff has always taken the time to educate us on IT matters in a language that we can understand.

Kim Camlin Office/Marketing Manager
Commonwealth Commercial Properties

Great Communication Among ACS Team Members And Also With Us

The whole team seems willing and eager to assist in developing an IT environment suitable for our unique company requirements.

ACS has reliable customer support with a broad knowledge of both aging and up-to-date technologies.

Susan Garner American Fire Technologies

ACS Is A One Stop Shop For All Things IT

They offer faster response times and more security.

ACS is committed to customer service.  In the end, this matters the most.

Joel Tomaselli Real Estate Development and Campground Management
Sea Horse Management

Great Customer Service With A Wide Array Of Experience

ACS helped us identify and meet our needs with migrating to a cloud based server.

We have worked with ACS since 2005.

Adam McNutt Partner
Silver Street Development

ACS Provides Quick And Expert Response To Any Issues

For important services such as IT and Public WIFI, it’s great to have a local company who can come to us quickly to get the system operational.

ACS ensures that our public WIFI is operational 24/7/365 for passengers flying from ILM.

Julie Wilsey Airport Director
Wilmington International Airport

They Have Top Notch Technicians

ACS has always been there when we were in pinch for time to get our computers up and running. When we need to upgrade our equipment we can call on them to get us quotes in a timely manner and be competitive on pricing.

We can call on ACS and they will talk us through a problem. If they cannot get to our location they can do so much online, which is definitely a plus.

Teresa Fulford Manager
Al Fulford Heating & Cooling

Their IT Goals And Values Are Aligned With Our Organizations

When engineers come out, they are always very professional and eager to help us out. They do a great job of being flexible with our schedules and they also understand that they are here to support our operation.

ACS is great at managing both small technical problems and larger problems at the enterprise level. It’s hard to find a group that is so eager to help you with a server issue and address all other devices including IPads and mobiles. They cover it all.

Zane Bennett Executive Director
Plantation Village

Instrumental In Working With Us To Grow Our Network

We started growing multi-site and ACS supported the technology to manage a 6-location business as if we all were in the same building.

Their team was more about exploring solutions together rather than telling us their way of doing things. This allowed us to be more innovative and ultimately implement solutions that were ahead of the curve. We ended up with a very flexible set of network applications that in turn could support our growth or easily be swapped out for updated solutions.

Bob Drach President
HMF Express, LLC

Reassurance That Someone Will Keep Our Data Safe

ACS’ assistance with security risk analysis as well as security system maintenance has kept  our data safe from hackers. They are always consistent and dependable when assisting with technical and non-technical problems.  They support us by phone, screen share, in person, and there is weekend on call assistance for emergencies.

We know that we have a team that can assist us with our IT needs instead of one or two individuals. They have different technicians that have different strengths and areas of expertise.

Tricia Meyer Owner
Masonboro Urgent Care

We Can Focus On Other Areas In Our Agency That Need Our Attention

We no longer have to worry about keeping computer programs and virus software updated. ACS is available and ready to help when our technology fails and they help us keep things running smoothly without the stress of having to solve the issues ourselves.

ACS is a business that takes the time to invest in the community around it. We have been very happy with ACS. The quick and reliable service that we have received has allowed us to continue the work we do in the community.

Vickie Woodbury Vice President of Finance and Administration
United Way of the Cape Fear Area

Peace Of Mind

If something happens to our network ACS can bring it back up and fix the problem quickly. They are there when you need them. We have been using ACS for 12 years and would not think of changing.

ACS customizes their services for us and give us the same service that they would expect if the roles were reversed.

Vince McKnight Finance Administrator
The Davis Community

ACS Is A Partner In My Business

They allow me to be IN business which means they make me better at serving my clients. ACS allows business owners to focus on core business needs and put all the worry of IT issues behind them. I am fortunate to have them on my team. ACS is a local, available, talented group of people who maintain a presence in the community.

The staff at ACS has promptly addressed each question or concern I have ever asked them, this proves to me that I am a valuable client and that they are a true business partner that can be relied on for our mutual success. Even if your business is small now, ACS is very capable of scaling seamlessly with any growth a company may have in the future.

James Kelly Owner
James Kelly CPA

They Think Outside The Box

ACS works with us to find ways to keep our company’s work flow running smoothly in a very prompt, professional manner.

Their IT firm has knowledgeable employees available to help offsite and onsite when needed and they answer questions or issues that may come up.

Perry Russ IT Systems Manager
The Davis Community

The Team Listens To Our IT Needs And Concerns

ACS and their staff have excellent responsiveness to our needs, which is critical in our deadline driven profession.

They are plain speaking advisors who keep us current with today’s evolving technology.

Tony Stroud Partner
Stroud Company CPA