On May 23, 2022, Michael Praats of WECT ran a story about a new NC law that impacts how government agencies are allowed to handle ransomware payouts.

As part of that interview, Michael interviewed our own Matthew Coleman for details around business applications for the new law, along with some dangers that go into cyber threats on the whole:

Matthew Coleman is the Marketing Director for Atlantic Computer Services, a Wilmington-based company that provides IT services, including help protecting businesses from cyberattacks. He says most people have the wrong idea about hackers and how these nefarious actors get into a system or network. Often it comes down to human error, or a lack of knowledge and education on preventing malicious software into a system.

“One of the primary ways that ransomware attacks make their way into a business is almost always through email. So phishing attempts, spam, emails, things that come out like that, the stereotype of the hooded attackers sitting over his computer desk, and the dark basement … it’s a misnomer. It’s more about bots and automation, email campaigns that go out and basically like someone walking through a neighborhood and just checking doors on houses until they find one that’s open,” Coleman said.

Check out the full interview HERE!

Thank you to Michael Praats and WECT for the opportunity to contribute!

What can your business do to prevent ransomware attacks? Contact us HERE and let’s talk about your options!


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