Backup & Disaster Recovery

Automating your data backup procedure is critical to ensuring business continuity, as is a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Backing up your company data is fairly straightforward in terms of the technology required, but in certain instances it’s better to employ an IT expert to install, optimize, and manage it. Plus, when you do partner with a pro to save your data, they’ll have the knowledge needed to design a robust disaster recovery scheme should your servers ever go down.

ACS’s Backup & Disaster Recovery programs are like insurance for your business data, and include:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your servers and databases
  • Automatic data archiving with easy retrieval from any device
  • Encrypted, cloud-based data storage with unlimited capacity
  • Procedures to get employees back online quickly post-disaster
  • Detailed plans to eliminate any long-term impact to operations

Automated, cloud-based data backups are recommended, but thorough disaster recovery plans are imperative for recovering disrupted systems and data fast.

To learn more about the ways in which a Backup & Disaster Recovery plan from ACS can benefit your business and make life easier for your users, give us a call today!