Hosted VoIP Solutions

Businesses benefit big-time when they switch from their legacy landline telephones to a Voice-over-Internet phone system.

Making and taking calls on an Internet-based “VoIP” phone system enhances employee productivity and is more cost-effective than a traditional telephone system. Better yet, it lets you add users easily and on demand, and comes with a range of advanced telecom features that can be integrated with your applications for email, CRM, accounting, and many more.

ACS will host your VoIP solution and handle the installation, management, and maintenance for you, and you’ll also enjoy:

  • Easy Usability - browser-based systems are perfect for the modern-day employee
  • Efficient Multimedia - conduct virtual meetings and video conferences at the office or on the go
  • Enhanced Mobility - users can make and take calls on an office extension from any location
  • Huge Savings - voice over Internet calls incur much lower per-minute charges than on traditional systems
  • Simple Integrations - connect calls, messages, and other data from your VoIP system to all your other business applications

VoIP’s wide array of features includes voicemail-to-email transcriptions, high-definition mobile video conferences, and intelligent call-routing functionality.

To learn more about the ways in which a Hosted VoIP Solution from ACS can benefit your business and make life easier for your users, give us a call today!